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RHU call results: LVTS involved in 5 granted projects!


The ‘RHU‘ (Recherche Hospital Universitaire) action is to support translational research projects in health or clinical research, which are to be based on fundamental research in biology, epidemiology, social science or health economics and extend for a benefit for the care of patients, improving the understanding of diseases, more effective and better tolerated treatments, or a performance improvement of care systems. The… Read more »

3 postes INSERM ouverts à la mobilité interne vers le LVTS


3 postes INSERM sont ouverts à la mobilité au sein de notre unité INSERM U1148 LVTS: • Un poste d‘ingénieur(e) d’étude en expérimentation et instrumentation biologiques —> Voir le profil du poste • Un poste d’Animalier  —> Voir le profil du poste • Un poste de Technicien biologiste —> Voir le profil du poste Pour toute information, veuillez contacter notre secrétariat ou la DR Paris 7.

[Update] My thesis in 180s


We are proud that one of our PhD student, Charlotte Rasser (Team 1), is one of the final candidates of the “My thesis in 180 sec” contest. Link. Update: Charlotte was amongst the very finalists (16 students selected out of 560 candidates from all over France) of the contest which was organized in Bordeaux on the 31st May 2016

The PCSK9 story


A paper in the Eur Heart Journal from Nail Seidah that recapitulates the discovery of the PCSK9 mutations in familial hypercholesterolemia made by Marianne Abifadel and Catherine Boileau (Team 2) in 2003. Read the paper..

Early detection of strokes


Télématin broadcasted on the 13rd May 2016 an interview from Prof Pierre Amarenco (Team 5) where it is explained why we should detect stroke as soon as possible. This is related to a paper published this year by P Amarenco et al (N Engl J Med 2016. 374:1533) describing the results obtained from the ‘’ project that was designed to establish the contemporary profile, etiologic… Read more »

Silab and Inserm for tissue regeneration


Siltiss, a subsidiary of Silab group based near Brive-la-Gaillarde (Corrèze), has acquired the exclusive rights to use four patents regarding tissue engineering technology developed by Inserm. This technology was developed in two laboratories of Inserm in Paris (U1148; LVTS) and Bordeaux (U1026). Siltiss, founded in January, aims the development, production and marketing of natural biomaterials that promote or induce tissue… Read more »

MSDAVENIR & INSERM: a strategic framework agreement to support French medical research


Cyril Schiever, Chairman of the Board of MSDAVENIR, Professor Yves Lévy, Chairman and CEO of Inserm, and Pasca le Augé, President of the Management Board of Inserm Transfer, today signed a strategic framework agreement to support the French medical research. The event was held under the patronage and in the presence of Marisol Touraine, Minister of Social Affairs and Health,… Read more »

D Letourneur awarded the George Winter Prize


Didier Letourneur, the Director of LVTS and leader of Team 3, is the 2016 laureate for the George Winter Award from the European Society for Biomaterials (ESB). “This award is established to recognise, encourage and stimulate outstanding research contributions to the field of biomaterials. It will be presented annually during the Annual Biomaterials Meeting of the Society.[…].The nominee must have contributed significantly to… Read more »

Stroke: locate, react, restore


Nowadays, the management procedures of strokes are well codified. Nevertheless, the detection of clinical signs is still problematic. How can we deal with a transient ischemic attack? Follow the answers of Prpf Pierre Amarenco (Neurology Department of Bichat Hospital & Team 5 U1148) in an interview (in French) broadcasted on ‘Fréquency Médicale‘.–> Link to the video

Blood vessels from algae


To replace defective arteries, researchers from Team 3 are inspired by the long polysaccharide molecule that gives seaweed its flexibility and strength. Cedric Chauvierre from Team 3 explains in this video from Universcience and ‘Le Monde Médecine‘ that these artificial vessels must withstand high pressure variations and be biocompatible. Several tests in rats have shown that these artificial vessels are promising future vascular… Read more »

Stroke: from the clinics to the pathophysiology


This health training session organised by the ’Institut thématique multi-organismes “Neurosciences, sciences cognitives, neurologie, psychiatrie”, the ‘Bureau des formations scientifiques et de soutien à la recherche du Département des ressources humaines de l’Inserm’ has taken place the 24th Nov 2015 at the ‘Institut du cerveau et de la moelle épinière’ (ICM), GH de la Pitié Salpêtrière, Paris 13e. You can watch the lectures… Read more »

Marc Clement: prize of the Chancellerie of Paris


On the 1st December 2015, Marc Clement (Team 1 LVTS) received one of the Prizes (Prix Aguirre-Basualdo/Robin) of the Chancellerie des Universités de Paris, in the Medecine section. Each year, these prizes award the best theses defended in Paris’ universities. Watch a short video of the ceremony. Marc did his thesis in our unit under the supervision of Dr Giuseppina… Read more »

GREMI: Vascular Inflammation, Pasteur Institute, November 13th, 2015


“Vascular Inflammation: Blood vessels under attack” meeting, November 13th 2015. Organised by GREMI. Institut Pasteur, Paris. The One Day GREMI Meeting untitled “Vascular Inflammation: Blood vessels under attack” meeting will be held at the Pasteur Institute (Paris) on November 13th, 2015. This one day meeting is organized by GREMI, the French society on Inflammation, member of IAIS (International Association… Read more »

CVD & Obesity: Surprising links


An international team of researchers coordinated by Professor Gabriel Steg  and Dr. Boris Hansel (Departments of ‘Cardiology’ and of ‘Endocrinology, Diabetes and Nutrition’ from the Bichat Claude Bernard Hospital: AP-HP and the University Paris-Diderot) has demonstrated that in people who have heart or arterial diseases, obesity does not appear to increase cardiovascular risk, whereas leanness is a very poor prognosis. These results… Read more »

IMMATIS project leaded by D Letourneur supported by OSEO


For the 15th edition of the National competition for the ‘’aide à la création d’entreprises de technologies innovantes’, the minister of ‘Enseignement supérieur et de la Recherche’ in association with OSEO has granted 55 projects in the “création-développement” and 120 projects in “Emergence”. The project IMMATIS coordinated by D Letourneur (Team 3) was selected in the “création-développement” category. It was… Read more »

NANOATHERO – A new FP7 Large Scale program coordinated by U1148


Nanomedicine for target-specific imaging and treatment of atherosclerosis: development and initial clinical feasibility NanoAthero is a Large Scale European-funded project under the 7th Framework Programme for Research. The main objective of this project is to address more in depth prospects of improved diagnosis and treatment of atherosclerosis by means of nanotechnology. Coordination : Didier Letourneur (Team 3; Inserm U1148, CHU… Read more »

‘FUCO-CHEM’ coordinated by C Chauvierre selected as a LABCOM


The ‘Agence nationale de la recherche’ has selected the first 7 common laboratories between research organisms and private companies as part of the « Labcom » program. The project FucoChem has been selected for its research on marine polysaccharides to be used as cardiovascular biotherapies. This project is coordinated by Cédric Chauvierre (Team 3 Inserm U1148). It involves the laboratory of polymer bioengineering… Read more »

Prof. D Le Guludec appointed chairperson of the board of Directors of IRSN


PhD in Biophysics, Dominique Le Guludec is Professor of Biophysics and Nuclear Medicine at University Paris 7. She is head of the Department of Nuclear Medicine, Hôpital Bichat, AP-HP, Paris, since 1994. She is also head of a research team of our Inserm Unit 1148, member of the Executive Committee of the EANM, and member of the National Council of… Read more »

D Letourneur: Innovative strategy to facilitate organ repair


A significant breakthrough could revolutionize surgical practice and regenerative medicine. The team led by Ludwik Leibler (Laboratoire Matière Molle et Chimie CNRS/ESPCI Paris Tech) and the Team headed by Didier Letourneur from the LVTS (INSERM U1148/Universités Paris Diderot and Paris 13), has just demonstrated that the principle of adhesion by aqueous solutions of nanoparticles can be used in vivo to… Read more »

ACTICOR spotted in BiotechFinances


The agreement between ACTICOR, a biotech hosted within the LVTS and created on the basis of the work from Martine Jandrot-Perrus (Team 1), Christian Gachet (U949) and Philippe Billiad (Institut Paris Sud d’Innovation Thérapeutique) is highlighted in the April issue of the BiotechFinances journal.

D Letourneur on BFM TV


Dr Didier Letourneur (Director of LVTS and leader of Team 3) was invited at the “Votre Santé m’intéresse” on BFM TV (3 May 2014) where he was interviewed on the recent publication from his group on a new strategy to facilitate tissue and organ repair (Press release).

D Letourneur on France 5


Dr Didier Letourneur (Director of LVTS and leader of Team 3) was invited at the “Le Magazine de la Santé” on France 5 (27 May 2014) where he was interviewed on the recent publication from his group on a new strategy to facilitate tissue and organ repair (Press release).

FACT: French Alliance for Cardiovascular Trials


The FACT (French Alliance for Cardiovascular Trials) network, chaired by Prof PG Steg (LVTS Team 5) has been selected as an « Investigative Network Initiative » and will receive a 5-year financial support from the F-CRIN (French part of ECRIN – European Clinical Research Infrastructures Network). FACT is an academic research network that federates more than 20 sites throughout France… Read more »

Meet ACTICOR Biotech team in Paris on July 1st, 2014


Some recent news on the Acticor Biotech team, a company dedicated to the development of an innovative, safe and effective treatment of ischemic stroke:<br> • Acticor is currently selecting its main lead to enter the development phase.<br> • Dr Gilles Avenard is the new President of the company. Acticor Website

Didier Letourneur at the French Parliament


Over the next five years, a large number of biological drug patents will fall into the public domain. Already, many pharmaceutical companies develop and put on the drug market “Biosimilars” on the same pattern as for the generic chemical drugs. Because substantial savings are expected with this interchangeability, a public audition was held at the French Parliament on 29 January… Read more »

Platelets & Influenza: INRA press release


Platelets play a role in severe pulmonary infections associated with influenza viruses. This has been revealed for the first time by researchers from Team 1 of LVTS in collaboration with researchers from INRA and the Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1. This work has been published on April 1, 2015 in the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine. Their… Read more »