BCMPP Department

The Department of Cellular and Molecular Biology, Physiology, Physiopathology (BCMPP) is a multidisciplinary department with research teams located at various university research sites: institut Pasteur, institut Cochin, Bichat, Necker, institut Curie, les Cordeliers, CHU Robert Debré, HEGP, EFS, etc.

The Department has a total of 247 HDRs in 2022. The research interests are very diverse and cover molecular biology, cell biology, physiology, pathophysiology, etc.

Departmental Dirictorate

The BCMPP department is co-directed by Pr. Le Van Kim and Dr. Boulanger, and administratively assisted by the administrative manager Mrs Rihab ANNA.

Pr. Caroline Le Van Kim

National Institute of Blood Transfusion INTS. UMR_S 1134

6 rue Alexandre Cabanel 75015 PARIS. Tel. 01 44 49 30 46 

contact : caroline.le-van-kim@inserm.fr

Dr. Chantal Boulanger

Paris-Centre de Recherche CardioVasculaire, UMR_S 970

Equipe “Physiopathologie de l’endothélium et biomarqueurs du risque cardiovasculaire”

56 rue Leblanc 75015 PARIS. 

contact:  chantal.boulanger@inserm.fr

Department office:
  • Alexandre Benmerah (Nephrology, Head of Cellular Biology Master Degree): alexandre.benmerah@inserm.fr 
  • Bruno Crestani, (Lung, Physiology) : bruno.crestani@aphp.fr 
  • Caroline Le Van Kim ((Cellular Biology and red blood cells): caroline.le-van-kim@inserm.fr 
  • Chantal  Boulanger (Vascular, Physiology): chantal.boulanger@inserm.fr 
  • Christophe Magnan (christophe.magnan@univ-paris-diderot.fr )
  • Fernando Rodrigues, (Enzymology, Toxicology, Molecular Biology ) : fernando.rodrigues-lima@univ-paris-diderot.fr 
  • Hervé Enslen, (Head of BCPP Master Degree): herve.enslen@inserm.fr 
  • Jean-Sébastien Silvestre : jean-sebastien.silvestre@inserm.fr 
  • Juliane Da Graca: juliane.dagraca@gmail.com 
  • Maria Christina Zennaro, (Endocrinology, Physiology): maria-christina.zennaro@inserm.fr 
  • Marie-Noelle Prioleau: marie-noelle.prioleau@ijm.fr 
  • Mireille Viguier (Cellular Immunology): mireille.viguier@univ-paris-diderot.fr 
  • René-Marc Mege: rene-marc.mege@ijm.fr 
  • Vincent Goffin: vincent.goffin@inserm.fr 
  • Yves Colin Aronovicz (Cell biology and red blood cells): yves.colin-aronovicz@inserm.fr 
  • BCMPP Department doctoral student representatives
Representatives of BCMPP doctoral students
  • Da Graca

To contact the representatives: representants.biospc@listes.u-paris.fr