Team 3: Cardiovascular Bioengineering

Group leader: Didier LETOURNEUR

BIOMATThe team 3 is composed of the previous very large team 3 (Cardiovascular Bio-engineering & imaging), from which members for preclinical & clinical imaging have set up an independent and coherent new team 4. The aims are to combine chemistry and biology to develop new diagnostic and therapeutic strategies. The new team 3 will be constituted of 2 Researchers (DR1, CR1), 8 MCU and one MCU-Chaire Inserm, 3 MCU-PH, 5 PU, 1 PU-PH, 1 AHU, and 3 Engineers. 21 permanents members are affiliated to University Paris 13. They are working (and teaching) in chemistry/physico-chemistry, biology, bioengineering and medical sciences. For the non-permanent staff, the new team 3 is constituted (situation in June 2012) of 11 PhD Students, 3 post-docs, and 2.5 temporary Engineers (excluding staff for the new 4). Our research program will be based on strong and specific skills and tools: polymer chemistry, polysaccharides and glycoconjugates, vascular biology, biomaterials & tissue engineering, contrast agents for multimodal molecular imaging including nano/microsystems. As from creation of U698 in 2005, we have strong interactions with the other teams and common projects (FP7, ANR …).

Importantly, this new organization of team 3 provides 1) more coherent and more focused presentation of projects, 2) higher visibility for University Paris 13, 3) two separate teams for Doctoral affiliations. In the project, we will address several questions with expected consequences for science, medicine and technology. As before, the new multidisciplinary team, affiliated to CSS8 Inserm and ITMO “Technology for health” will have important activities for patents, industrial developments and clinical validations.

The themes of research that are developed in this team are :
Theme 1: Cardiovascular biomaterials and tissue engineering
Theme 2: Glycoconjugates and biotherapies
Theme 3: Nanotools for imaging and treatment of atherothrombosis

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