Team 5: Atherothrombotic Disease in Heart and Brain

Group leader: Gabriel STEG

ClinicalresearchTeam 5 “Translational research on cardio- and cerebrovascular disease” started with an innovative collaboration of cardiologists and neurologists (formerly within the “clinical research on atherothrombosis” team) implemented by basic science researchers, coming from the former team on “Vascular Remodelling”. Our projects are focussed on 1/ international clinical trials assessing medical strategies and new therapies in coronary artery disease and cerebrovascular disease, particularly acute coronary syndromes and stroke, and 2/ on translational research aiming to uncover new biological markers of atherothrombosis in humans as a basis for new diagnostic/theranostic tools, but also for developing new therapeutic tools (in particular HDL-based therapies).

There is a dire need for therapies to help address the cardiovascular consequences of the diabetes and obesity epidemic. While important, this is not limited to the development of more potent and safer agents to prevent thrombosis, stabilize or prevent atherosclerosis, or treat hyperglycemia. The potential hazards (on cardiovascular mortality) of aggressive management of hyperglycemia have emphasized the need to fully assess the cardiovascular impact of antidiabetic drugs. Recent clinical trials also underlined the importance of rigorous evaluation of the clinical effectiveness of routine therapeutic strategies. Future treatments will need to demonstrate safety and cost-effectiveness in addition to efficacy. Our aim is to focus on new, effective, safe, affordable and easily implementable therapeutic strategies for atherothrombosis and diabetes.

Link to the Group on “Eicosanoids & Vascular Pharmacology”

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