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The LVTS is an attractive center:

  • For Excellence in Research
  • For Education
  • For Industrial and clinical transfers

The LVTS UMRS1148 is organised to understand the physiological mechanisms by basic science approaches but also through large clinical trials, development of new diagnostic (markers and imaging) and new therapeutic/biomaterial strategies : identification of new targets, development of new molecules, validated by clinical trials.

The unit is organized into 6 collaborative teams affiliated to 3 different IT (National Institutes) PMN, Technologies for Health, Genetics, and to 2 Inserm scientific sections (CSS3 and CSS7).

More than 240 collaborators working together among which 110 have permanent positions.

We study the heart, its valves, the macro- and micro-circulation at scales ranging from the tissue down to the molecules. We are interested in the interactions that these tissues establish with the immune system, and with the coagulation and thrombotic systems. Additionally, we investigate how genetic, mechanical, metabolic, and environmental factors influence the physiology and pathology of the cardiovascular system.

The LVTS has built major platforms and shared services and facilities.

Our Teams are hosted in 3 locations in the North of Paris: