A life-course approach to women’s health


Lecture d’un Edito dans Nature (19 janvier 2024) fortement recommandée:

A life-course approach to women’s health

Quelques défis à relever:

“There are 3.95 billion women in the world — half of humanity — yet women are often treated as a niche or atypical population by the medical community.”

“[…] the main causes of death for women worldwide are cardiovascular disease and cancer”

“Women experience disease differently than men do, in part because of biology but also because of sociocultural factors”

“When women present with symptoms of disease, delays in diagnosis are common”

“Many women rely on male permission to access healthcare, while others act as carers (usually without pay) for family members, which can lead to women’s deprioritizing their own health needs.”

Il faut que nous relevions ces défis notamment parce que (mais pas que):

“when women are healthy, the benefits are felt throughout communities, especially by children and young people.”