MSDAVENIR & INSERM: a strategic framework agreement to support French medical research


UnknownCyril Schiever, Chairman of the Board of MSDAVENIR, Professor Yves Lévy, Chairman and CEO of Inserm, and Pasca
le Augé, President of the Management Board of Inserm
Transfer, today signed a strategic framework agreement to support the French medical research. The event was held under the patronage and in the presence of Marisol Touraine, Minister of Social Affairs and Health, and Thierry Mandon, Secretary of State for Higher Education and Research.
The framework agreement between Inserm and MSDAVENIR will support the excellence of research projects covering:
– Oncology, personalized medicine and translational research
– Major transversal programs Inserm: aging, microbiota, genomic variability
patients and contribution to the natural history of human disease.
This framework agreement marks the willingness of MSDAVENIR to significantly engage in health research in France.

This framework agreement embodies the founding ambition of MSDAVENIR: invest differently in our country to advance scientific and medical knowledge. Through this collaborative approach with Inserm, MSDAVENIR is part of a dynamic research and open innovation driven and encouraged by the authorities. Today we are particularly honored by the support that have kindly granted us by their presence, the Minister of Health and Minister of Research

said Cyril Schiever, President of MSDAVENIR.

The agreement we are signing today with MSDAVENIR fulfills three major objectives of Inserm: promoting scientific and medical attractiveness of France; developing public-private partnerships in an open innovation logic; focus efforts on areas of excellence in basic and translational research in the service of the new precision medicine. It is a great honor for Inserm today to sign this framework agreement in the presence of Madam Minister of Social Affairs and Health, and Mr. Secretary of State for the higher education and Research.

adds Yves Levy, Chairman and CEO of Inserm.

France is leader in health innovation. Everywhere I see a great enthusiasm, biotech dynamism, a shared ambition to innovate for improved welfare of patients. This framework agreement will allow us to further amplify this movement.

said Marisol Touraine, Minister of Social Affairs and Health.

We must strengthen partnerships between academia and the pharmaceutical world, as our research progresses, it will be better valued and we will gain in attractiveness.

says Thierry Mandon, State Secretary of higher education and Research