Postdoc in INSERM U1138 Team 1 (Cordeliers Research Centre)


Post doctoral position in the INSERM U1138 Team 1 « Mineralocorticoid Receptor : Pathophysiology and Therapeutic Innovation » at INSERM/ Cordeliers Research Centre (Paris, France)

The Cordeliers Research Centre (19 independent teams, Paris, France) ( is a research centre of excellence for multidisciplinary research on the regulation of the different functions and the impact of their deregulation in the genesis and progression of diseases. In the Department of Integrative Physiology and Physiopathology, Team 1 is interested in the Pathophysiology and Therapeutic innovations related to the Mineralocorticoid receptor, a ligand-activated hormone receptor involved in several diseases including  cardiovascular, metabolic  and renal diseases ( The approach developed by Team 1 is clearly translational, “from bench to bedside”, ultimately dedicated to repositioning of known or currently under-development Mineralocorticoid Receptor Antagonists. One of our main topics is the study of the pathophysiological role of this receptor in the microvasculature and its implication in end-organ damage.


A 2 year post-doctoral position is available, starting between January 2016 in the group of Frederic Jaisser to study the role of the mineralocorticoid receptor in organ perfusion such as kidney and heart and its potential therapeutic implications. We have demonstrated impressive benefit of pharmacological MR antagonism in renal ischemia reperfusion and calcineurin-inhibitor related nephrotoxicity in animal models (Barrera-Chimal, JASN 2015; Amador et al. Kidney Int. 2015). In order to provide a strong rational for therapeutic trials using these MR antagonists in renal ischemia and renal transplant, we use a combination of pharmacological, genetic (mice with conditional KO of the receptor in the vasculature) as well as large animal studies. We are seeking candidates that are highly motivated by translational research in the field of nephrology and cardiovascular diseases.


We welcome candidates holding a PhD degree in cardiovascular and/or renal pathophysiology, who wish to join a dynamic and interactive team in a beautiful location in the center of Paris. The candidate should have excellent skills in animal experimentation especially in the vascular/renal field, and have good understanding and communication capacities. Experience related to organ ischemia will be highly appreciated.

Please apply by sending by email a letter of motivation describing your interest in this research and past research experiences, a curriculum vitae and names of at least two referees to: