“PUMS College” YouTube channel, directed by Boris Hansel


The PUMS College YouTube channel, directed by Boris Hansel (Team 3), is a large audience channel.

PuMS (Pour une Meilleure Santé) is a health channel concept run by a college of doctors whose objective is to provide 100% reliable information and practical advice on a daily basis.

At the origin of PuMS…

PuMS was founded in 2019 by Pr Boris Hansel (endocrinologist, nutritionist, Team 3), Jean-Julien Solic (producer, director) and Pr Patrick Nataf (cardiac surgeon, Team 3). The initial idea was to establish a partnership between public medicine and the know-how of traditional television to offer quality and 100% reliable health content on new communication media.

The Em-i company which co-produces the show has historically specialized in medical production. Its representative, Jean-Julien Solic, has worked for more than 20 years on many major television channels and has produced and produced a large number of subjects, reports and health programs. Pr Patrick Nataf is the editorial director of the channel.

A college of doctors from the university hospital world

Presented by Pr Boris Hansel, Doctor & teacher-researcher at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Paris, the program involves a college of hospital and/or university doctors. Topics cover all areas of medicine; particular attention being paid to new technologies and connected health.

PuMS is a completely independent chain from the pharmaceutical and agri-food industry, which guarantees its total independence from private interests.

Programs throughout the year in formats suitable for all audiences

All subjects are discussed on the PuMS channel (Youtube), without any taboos. From the use of physical activity as a treatment for disease, to the impact of pornography on health, to the incredible virtues of diets. Thematic programs of 28 minutes to watch quietly, short program of less than 3 minutes easy to watch at any time, there are many formats for all expectations and all age groups.

The form as elaborate as the substance

To achieve the ambitious goal of talking to as many people as possible while becoming a benchmark for health information, “PuMS L’Émission” is produced in motion, under the eye of seven cameras controlled by director Jean-Julien Solic and Samia Seri, director of the video studio at the University of Paris.

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